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Emergence of Cancel-Culture in baseball


It's been a while since I have not been on this website. The efforts and hard work I put into this website had been completely eliminated from my mind. I do not know what went through my mind, but I know that it's time for me to write at least something about politics (I don’t know if anyone is willing to read mine though).

The majority will agree with my statement: Voter ID laws are controversial. Individuals who are leaning towards the left will most likely oppose ID laws, whereas right-leaning individuals will advocate ID laws.

What about me? Well, I don't know. I'm not sure. I used to oppose it because those laws hindered ethnic minorities from voting. Now, I share some common ground of two sides. Voter ID laws secure the integrity of elections. Also, I heard from FOX NEWS that "poll shows ID laws overwhelmingly popular among Americans'' (I don't know if I can even trust FOX, but there are no other options for "neutral" news media). A question popped up in my mind after viewing this statistic: if the majority support the ID laws, why are Democrats so angry about Georgia's new voting law?---under this new law, Georgians have to provide their driver's license or state ID number, or a photocopy of another accepted identification.

The question itself wasn’t a hard one. Obviously, Democrats are angry about this because they will not get enough votes. If there are restrictions, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos cannot vote. I just feel like Democrats are like paralyzed human bodies without ethnic minorities. Also, they want illegal immigrants just because they want more votes. I also shared the similar yet different vision of Democrats. I wanted ethnic minorities to vote because it preserves democracy, but I never wanted them to vote in order to make Democrats clinch a majority in the House of Representatives. I am disgusted by the selfishness of Democrats. Instead of starving for more votes from minorities, I want to suggest to them that they must find a credible way to preserve democracy.

To finally talk about today's main idea, I am disgusted by extreme left activists who crept into the Major Leagues and made cancel-culture viable. All-Star games were supposed to happen in Atlanta, Georgia. But recently, MLB announced that they will be moving to a new location due to the fact that Georgia implemented a new voting law that prevents ethnic minorities from voting.

Here is the lesson: keep sports out of politics and enough is enough dear Democrats.

Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia

Democrats are just crossing lines often in modern society. They are the leaders of identity politics. They are the criminals who make Americans even more polarized. A Month ago, Left radicals pointed out Dr. Seuss books' “racist” books and as a consequence, his books will not be published anymore. The division in America is now vivid. Instead of canceling others’ views, we have to think about political unification to overcome the COVID-19 situation.

I am heavily disappointed by the fact that MLB decided to participate in the political discourse to move location to another place. Cancel culture has already permeated the sports world in America. Perhaps, the NFL is next. Democrats' role in cancel-culture will infiltrate people's political stance and that is truly destroying American democracy. Finally, as I conclude this very opinionated writing, I want to say that cancel-culture taught me a valuable lesson: Be aware or be next.

Thanks for reading my come back story about politics in MLB.

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