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To Vote Is to exist

Although some may believe that voting methods are ubiquitous throughout the world, there is actually a wide variety when it comes to casting one's ballot. This section is dedicated to the discussing each type of voting system, as well as its benefits and faults.

In the "land of the free, the home of the brave," many of us Americans believe that our most sacred right to vote and voice our political opinion is safe. However, recent developments in the past ten years have raised red flags on our voting infrastructure. Through this website, I hope to inform others of the current state of our voting rights and educate others of the state of voting systems around the world.  

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Democracy on the Decline:

by the numbers

Only of eligible voters cast their vote in the 2016 presidential election
of Americans distrust the government
ballots thrown away in the 2016 election
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Learn about the surprisingly diverse forms of voting that shape democracies around the globe. 

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Are our voting systems foolproof? Learn of the various ways that those in power limit our sacred right to vote. 

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